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Ready to sew, but not sure where to start? Look no further!

Below we’ve assembled a selection of patterns for you to use. Email us at with any questions or corrections. Let’s make these easy for everyone to make!

Basic Mask Instructions

Materials & Tools — Here’s what you need:

  • Two 6- by 10-inch rectangles of preshrunk 100% cotton fabric.
  • Two 12-inch lengths of ¼-inch elastic.
  • Needle and thread (or bobby pin).
  • Scissors.
  • Sewing machine.
  • Iron.


REVISED Instructions-Please read this first:

  2. Cut and iron two 6- by 10-inch rectangles of cotton fabric. Use tightly woven 100% cotton, such as quilting fabric or cotton sheets. Stack the two rectangles; you will sew the mask as if it was a single piece of fabric.
  1. Fold over the long sides ¼-inch and hem and stitch down. Then fold the double layer of fabric over ½-inch along the short sides and stitch down.
  1. Run a 12-inch length elastic through the wider hem on each side of the mask. These will be the ear loops. Use a large needle or bobby pin to thread it through. Knot the ends tight — make sure the ear loops are as long as possible.
  1. Tuck the knots inside the hem to keep it from slipping.
    **MASK UPDATE: Please stitch the ear loops in the hem and stitch in place at the TOP of the ear loop only. Thank you! Each week…a little better.
  1. CRITICAL STRETCH TEST –> Please do this test on your first mask to see if the ear loops are long enough.
    If you can’t stretch the mask 23” wide –> you need longer ear loops!
  1. Put your finished masks back in the bag with your name, and go to “Most Mask Maker Pickup Request Form” at
  1. On pickup day, put your bag of finished masks on the porch (or at the spot indicated in your special instructions. Make sure to include your name and number of masks!

Our rule: “No finished masks to pick up, no additional mask materials delivered.”

MORE MATERIALS: If you are making masks faster than we are bringing materials – email and we will set up a bigger delivery package for you.

Thank you for helping us keep critical service workers safe during the pandemic!

Max Mask Pattern

Pocket Mask Pattern

Download the Mainly DIY PocketMask template PDF here.

Video instructions on how to sew this pattern:

Created for Crisis 3-Layer Pattern

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