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Walk Montecito

Walk Montecito!

Walk Montecito! will create a community where families, schools and churches are connected to parks, beaches and businesses on one Montecito Neighborhood Trail Network — A community where people feel safe to walk and bike and get to know their neighbors along the beautiful, tree-lined roads of Montecito.


“Walking around Montecito is actually dangerous!”

While Montecito continues to be one of the most desirable places in the country to live, this “semi-rural community” is one of the least pedestrian-friendly areas in Santa Barbara County. For decades, the lack of sidewalks and on-road trails have forced pedestrians to walk in the street, the bike lanes, or even through people’s yards, putting pedestrians, bicyclists, drivers, pets (and even the roadside landscaping) in danger.


  • Increased traffic
  • Parking problems
  • Pedestrian fatalities
  • Increased Isolation

The Montecito Community Plan calls for pedestrian improvements along roads but prohibits the kind of paved, concrete sidewalks that can be built in a fiscally responsible manner using public funding. As a result, we have had a persistent pedestrian predicament in Montecito.


Walk Montecito! A community-led, community-funded, campaign to build a Montecito Neighborhood Trail Network that connects: Schools, Churches, Parks and Open Spaces, Beaches, and Businesses.

The Montecito Neighborhood Trail Network includes: ADA-friendly, decomposed granite pathways along main thoroughfares; informal compacted shale trails along side-roads; and nature trails through open spaces and parks.


  • A pedestrian-friendly Montecito community
  • Residents and workers can walk safely in Montecito!
  • Open bike lanes
  • Reduced traffic
  • Easy access to schools, churches, beaches and businesses


  • A healthier, more interconnected Montecito.
  • Walking to school improves student attentiveness and learning
  • Walking around the neighborhood helps people meet their neighbors and build relationships



Walk Montecito! is a three-year campaign.

2022: Walk Montecito Capital Campaign to raise the funds needed to build these trails.

2023- 2024: Build the remaining 6 miles of trail to complete the 8 1/2-mile Montecito Neighborhood Trail Network.

Now is the time to fully fund the proposed trails to create a truly pedestrian-friendly Montecito! 


The proposed trail network budget is $2.54M and includes a Neighborhood Trail Maintenance Fund to assure long-term trail safety and aesthetics for generations to come. Community-funded trails are the most cost-effective solution. Our approach is also the fastest solution: We have already completed two miles of new trail in just two years.

  • Walk Montecito’s trails will cost $370,000 per mile – including a long-term Trail Maintenance Fund – and will be completed in three years.
  • For comparison: The San Ysidro Road Path cost over $900,000 per mile, took 4 years to build and did not include any money for maintenance.


Walk Montecito! is funded and built by the community — for the community.
No new taxes – no bonds – no ballot measures — just neighbors and volunteers who want to help build a walkable community.
To complete the Montecito Neighborhood Trail Network, we need to raise 2.54M.
We have already raised 1.4M and we have 1.1M to raise in 2022.

To get this done, we need your help!

Financial Support

If you walk in Montecito, please consider making a donation to support this project.
Gifts to support Walk Montecito!  can be made in the following ways:

  1. By check:
    made out to “Santa Barbara Bucket Brigade” – attn. Walk Montecito! and mailed to:
    Santa Barbara Bucket Brigade
    P.O. BOX 50640
    Santa Barbara, CA
  2. By Direct Deposit/Wire Transfer: CLICK HERE to connect with our team.
  3. Donate Online

We accept multi-year gifts (just click here and let us know)
We can’t do it without you!

Neighborhood Support

Join us and advocate for trails in your neighborhood!  Organized neighborhoods make access improvements like this easier, faster and better.  When everyone is on board, the whole process is more inclusive and enjoyable.


Sign up with the Bucket Brigade to help build and maintain the trails!
We will be updating our volunteer hub regularly on our website with trail construction, beautification and maintenance workdays.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsor a section of trail! Trail supporters will be recognized and there will be many kinds of donor acknowledgement in the Walk Montecito! Campaign, including: on marketing materials, the Walk Montecito! website, digital map, on-trail plaques and on a Montecito Trail Blazers Monument to be constructed at the completion of the project.  To sponsor a trail, connect with us here ➡️


Through 2022, The Bucket Brigade will construct cost-effective, ADA-compliant paths along the primary transportation corridor: Hot Springs Road.
Starting in 2023 we will build informal trails along side-roads using compacted Santa Ynez shale. This approach aligns specifically with the Montecito Community Plan and the trail construction guidelines that were established by the Montecito Association and Santa Barbara County in 2010.

The Walk Montecito Project is made possible by:

Committee Chairs: Geoff Slaff • Michael Smith

Executive Committee: David Jackson • Greg Tebbe • Geoff Slaff • Michael Smith • Lisa Aviani • Abe Powell

Mountain ($100,000 and above): Zegar Family Foundation • The Muller Family • Ann Jackson Family Foundation • Christina Kirby and Josh Kulkin • Eric and Wendy Schmidt • Geoff Slaff and Dale Zurawski

Trailblazer ($50,000 – $99,000): Anonymous – 2 • The Brittingham Family Foundation • Audacious Foundation • Sharon Bradford/WWW Foundation • Tony and Kyra Rogers • Jackie & Jeff Schaffer • Nati & Michael Smith and Anne Smith Towbes

Friends of the Trail ($25,000 – $49,999): Anonymous – 1 • Jane Copeland • Brook and Jasper Eiler • Mitchell and Lisa Green • Gerd and Peter Jordano • Teresa Kastl • Mitchell Family • Kelly Mooney and Scott Henningsen •  Santa Barbara Foundation • Daphne and Greg Tebbe • Kristin and Karl Weis

Pathfinder ($10,000 – $24,999): Anonymous – 2 • Stefanie and David Jackson • Mark and Sally Egan Foundation • Steve Hanson Landscaping • Montecito Bank & Trust • Naila and Peter Lewis • Lizzie and Brent Peus • Matt Riley • Justine Roddick • The Winston Family

Helping Hand ($5,000 – $9,999): American Riviera Bank • Ashish and Leslie Bhutani • Kim Cantin • Carolyn and Andrew Fitzgerald • Lilina S. Hahn • Ron and Andrea Hein • Murphy Larson • Charles C. Read and Eileen White Read • Kenny Slaught • Patty and Eric Swenson • Linda Weinman


The Thomas Fire and Debris Flow destroyed homes, businesses, damaged roads and trails and 23 lives were lost. In the aftermath of the disaster, the Bucket Brigade emerged, leading an army of volunteers to dig out homes, clear and restore open spaces, rebuild old trails and blaze new trails along damaged roads in the community. Our mission is to prepare for and respond to natural disasters and community crises through volunteer training, coordination and deployment.

Our approach is to build resilience capacity while we rebuild community, no matter what challenges we face in Santa Barbara County. Each Bucket Brigade workday since 1/9/18, has been an opportunity to organize, train and deploy volunteers to help heal the community while we build a cadre of experienced volunteer leaders in Santa Barbara County.

$1,520,282 Raised
$2,504,000 Goal
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