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The science is clear: wearing masks reduces the spread of COVID-19.

When you have finished masks ready for pickup, please fill out this form:

“I can sew!”

If so, you have a superpower that can save lives! You can work magic with your sewing machine!

We supply free materials, pick up the finished product, and then wash and deliver masks to critical service heroes working to keep Santa Barbara County moving forward during the pandemic.

Need a pattern? We have options for you here:

When you have finished masks ready for pickup, please fill out this form:

“I can’t sew but want to help anyway!”

Superheroes come in all shapes and sizes and they come with different superpowers! We also need help delivering and picking up the goods!

On Tuesdays and Fridays, we drive materials to our sewing team, pick up finished masks, and deliver finished masks to those in need!

“Can’t help now but want to make a difference!”

We need you on the team too! You can:

  • Donate supplies 
  • Donate money to help us buy mask-making supplies
  • Help us get the word out to others — You can help us build the team.

“We need masks for our job!”

Are you a critical service worker? Sign you company or agency up to receive masks here:

Since April 7, we have made more than 30,000 masks by working together. People just like you did the work that helps to protect nurses, agricultural workers, disaster feeding plan volunteers, County Public Health workers, homeless shelter workers, grocery store checkers, and others. Your contribution is changing the game.

Any questions? 


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