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1969 Debris-Laden Flood

Hand-drawn Map Of Affected Areas After Flooding In 1969

A major flood on January 25, 1969, came at the tail end of a week-long storm event, during which nearly nine inches of rain fell on Montecito. Luckily for some residents along Cold Spring Creek, a debris dam put in place after flooding in 1964 prevented substantial damages. Areas in the vicinity of Montecito, Buena Vista, San Ysidro, and Romero creeks were not so lucky. Montecito Creek crested its banks again — as it had done in 1914 and 1965 — to flow down Olive Mill Road to the Lower Village. San Ysidro Creek flooded the Glen Oaks neighborhood and caused substantial damage to beachfront properties near its outlet to the sea, at Posilipo Lane. Damage was also reported along Romero and Buena Vista creeks, and East Valley Road was covered in mud from Ortega Ridge Road to Sheffield Drive.

Hand-drawn map of affected areas after flooding in 1969
Montecito after a debris flow in 1969.
Montecito after a debris flow in 1969.
Cleanup crew in downtown Santa Barbara after flooding in 1969.
January 28, 1969 - Montecito Battered by Flood
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