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Through most of 2020, our volunteer 3D-printer team was hard at work printing face shields. We have been handing these out for free during the pandemic. Does your agency or business need face shields? Please make a request, and we'll get you what you need!

Do you have a 3D Printer?

If so, you can help save lives! You can put that printer to use making face shields to protect our critical service workers!

Do you have parts that are ready to pick up, or need more filament?

We will be delivering and picking up Tuesdays and Fridays!
Sign up here.

Want to help in other ways?

We need you on the team too! Can you:

  • help assemble face shields? 
  • help deliver and pick up materials?

Face shield making costs us money! You can help with a donation here.

Do you need to request face shields for your team?

Does your agency or company perform critical service work during the COVID-19 pandemic?
If so, you can sign up to requisition face shields for your team here. These face shields are not for sale.

Here’s how the Bucket Brigade Face Shield Makers Program Works:

  1. Sign up to make face shield visors here: 
  2. Please download the BUDMEN face shield visor STL file here:  We are using the visor from the Budmen V4 face shield.   This shield has been reviewed under clinical settings and approved as shown for use by the National Institutes of Health.
  3. Please convert the STL to GCode for your printer, check settings to make sure you are getting clean, strong parts.
  4. Test Print 5 visors.
  5. Schedule a pickup here: 
  6. We will inspect the parts, assemble masks with your visors and test them.  
    1. If they are game-ready, we will email you and approve the project.  
    2. If there are problems, we will call you to find a solution.
  7. Once approved, start making as many masks as you can.  
  8. When you have 50 visors OR you run out of PETG Filament…sign up for a pickup here:
    Deliveries are Tuesdays and Fridays.
  9. Repeat steps 7 and 8 as often as you can!

Thank you!

Any questions? 


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